Harnessing Technology’s Potential for Public Health and Safety

Technological innovations are already prevalent in the health and public safety sectors, but the current challenges facing the country demonstrate how that role may evolve and expand in the future. While certain information technology (IT) solutions and services are...

Brunswick MD, Town News and Events

This week, the Go2s team met with Brunswick city officials, including Mayor Jeffery Snoots and Mrs. Angel White to demonstrate latest Go2s Beta and determine how Go2s can become the primary, reliable source of information for all Brunswick residents. We all believe it...

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Go2s Mobile App Landing Page

In the month of March, Go2s designers and developers went to work to create our updated Mobile App home page. Here is what's exciting and new: 1.              Go2s Logo: If you look carefully at our Go2s logo you will see people closely linked together. It symbolizes...

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Go2s goes Beta

Go2s is preparing to be a beta app.  What this means is that the application is getting to be full featured and ready for a controlled set of users to use it.  The users are going to be provided the beta app and we are going to engage with them to hear their comments,...

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