New school supplies don’t feel so new anymore, and that bright, shiny feeling that comes with the start of a new school year has worn down like our pencils. If your child’s academic performance has taken a downturn this year, it can be stressful trying to find the best method of assistance. Or, perhaps you are worried that your child isn’t managing his time well or developing proper study skills. Hiring a tutor can be an automatic reaction for many parents. It can be a great way to get your child the help he needs, but it comes bearing a price tag with the cost of time and money. Before you start hunting for the right tutor, consider the following to be sure you’re making the right decision to begin with:

  • Check in with your child. Tune in to what your child says on the ride home from his school day. Or, if he doesn’t offer up much information on his own, ask some disarming questions and try to understand his experience. How does he feel about school? Does he seem frustrated when you ask him about class? Has he mentioned feeling lost, or like he’s falling behind? Not every kid is forthcoming about their struggles, but try to get a sense of what yours is experiencing in the classroom.
  • Check in with teachers. We may know our kids better than anyone, but teachers know perhaps better than anyone who our kids are as students. Whatever your child is telling (or not telling) you about their performance in school, it’s best to turn to the teacher for their guidance regarding your concerns. Many academic issues can be resolved with some changes at home, like routine times for doing homework, more thorough study habits, or simply extra practice. However, take it to heart if the teacher believes that your child would benefit greatly from the specialized attention that tutoring offers.

Whether your child is having some minor setbacks this year or has a learning disability, tutoring can be a great option to help boost your child’s confidence and help them reach their full potential in school. Use Go2s to connect with other parents in your network, and consider starting a discussion about the prospect of tutoring your child with family members who know him. If you do decide to move ahead with a tutor, find a reliable recommendation on Go2s. Create a help request asking for recommended tutors from your trusted Go2s connections.