Social media has proven to be a successful way of staying connected to the people in your various personal and professional circles. At the same time, the most popular public platforms—such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter—can be filled with excess noise and irrelevant content that detracts from meaningful communication with those you care about the most.

For that, and several other reasons, more people are looking for an alternative social network that retains the most desirable features of traditional platforms while addressing some of the common challenges. That’s where private social media comes in.

Reasons to Select Private Networks

As you’re searching for new social media platforms to connect with your friends, family and community groups, there’s likely a few attributes you’re particularly concerned about, including privacy, control over your data, less advertising, and more space for communicating with the important people in your life. Here are some of the pros and cons of social media and how private networks compare:

1. Excess Noise

Especially during election years and times of social upheaval, our social media platforms become plagued with dissenting opinions, political ads, untrustworthy material and other irritating content. Eventually, it overwhelms and edges out the content you’d rather be seeing, such communications from your child’s teacher or school; conversations with friends and family members; or pictures from a group event. Private social networks mitigate this problem by keeping your feed contained to relevant content.

2. Communication Tools

Sometimes you want to speak directly to one of your contacts, other times you have something to share in a public forum or with multiple members of your group. That’s why it’s important for your social networking site to provide various means of communication. Facebook and its counterpart Instagram are mostly public, but they also offer private features, such as the Facebook Messenger app and Instagram’s Direct Messages, or DMs. However, you don’t sacrifice those options when you move to an alternative social network, such as Go2s. Our platform allows you to set up groups and easily manage conversations among different communities. You can chat with one person or a small group and also still share photos and videos in your albums.

3. Privacy Problems

Facebook has repeatedly come under fire for privacy issues, but it’s not an isolated issue. Other social media platforms can also be problematic when it comes to privacy. That’s one area where private networks are superior. With private social, you have greater ability to control who sees your communication and content. You also don’t have to worry as much about your data falling into the wrong hands. Go2s believes in creating a community that supports trust and transparency. Our company’s “Bill of Rights” states that users deserve free and private access, as well as control over who sees your content and personal data. Additionally, only the vendors, people, places, products or services recommended by a user can promote their products, and user content isn’t analyzed by algorithms.

4. User Access

Another important feature for social media users is the ability to access their profile or account from a myriad of devices, including tablets, laptops, desktop computers, and smartphones. Some social media sites, like Instagram, don’t function the same across platforms. WeChat is also only possible available for iOS devices. Go2s, on the other hand, works on iOS and Android devices, as well as your desktop, iPad, or laptop. That gives you the ability to use your account and communicate with other users when and where you want.

Switching to a Private Social Network

If you desire a more intimate and comfortable virtual environment, one that enables you to stay in touch with the people who matter the most to you, it may be time to consider a new social media network. Go2s is a free community app that supports effective, private communication. It provides all the same functionality you’re accustomed to with the traditional social media giants, while helping you maintain more control over your privacy and data. Create a free account and get started.