There are so many people sharing content online that you might feel like you just blend into the masses. Only your followers, if anyone, will really notice that political article you just shared in your Instagram story. Only your friends will be the ones who care about the funny photo you just had to post to Facebook from the Super Bowl party you attended. Hardly anyone pays attention to your mindless Retweets. Or is that really the case?

Probably not. Though it might feel like your digital presence doesn’t really matter, it does. And more than just your friends are watching your activity.

These days, employers are taking to their devices to research job candidates online. In fact, 70 percent of them use social media to screen potential hires. Half of the time, that screening results in the decision to not hire a candidate. Master’s students lose opportunities to finish their program with the required practicum placement. Parents face rejection and must continue searching for a way to keep their family afloat. Social media use can have real consequences for job seekers.

Is it really fair that social media is being used in this way? Maybe not, but it is what it is. Everyone needs to be conscious of how they present themselves on online public platforms. Many people, in fact, rely on social media to market their services or small business. Our “private” profiles have become inextricably entwined with our professional lives.

But if these online communities affect our employment status, where can we go for uninhibited sharing? What kind of online community exists where we can privately share photos from the weekend, political opinions, and more?

The number one social network for privacy: Go2s.

Go2s is the perfect combination of sophisticated functionality (e.g., group administrators who can share management tasks within the group) and ultimate privacy (no advertisers, no data collection – ever!). Every time a user makes a post, he has precise control over where the post will be visible and who is allowed to see it. Users never have to worry that their boss or potential employers are sifting through their Go2s posts – because they can’t. So instead of worrying about sticking to a list of professional no-nos when using social networks, join Go2s and rest easy that your activity really is as private as you want it to be.

So, go ahead, start a private discussion with your fellow Super Bowl partygoers and share those ridiculous photos you know will put them in stitches of laughter. Connect with your activist aunt in a private chat and rant together about your shared political frustrations. Go2s is here for you to create the digital life that you deserve: something that’s uncomplicated, meaningful, and private. Sign up today to give it a try.