Today, there are a million different marketing strategies you can implement for your business. The internet has made so many options available. Businesses can now bid on Google AdWords, pay for targeted marketing ads on various sites, write sponsored articles, and more. But perhaps more than anything, social media marketing has been a huge topic.

Social media advertising on platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook has skyrocketed. Mainly, that’s because people spend a lot of time scrolling through these networks and the companies realized they could monetize that viewership. So now, Snapchat users see an ad for every five Snapchat stories they watch. The same is true for Instagram users on stories and posts. And Facebook is perhaps the worst of all with ads constantly visible. Even worse, Facebook sells users’ personal data for profit. Obviously, social media advertising is annoying for viewers.

But, it’s become frustrating for even the advertisers.

Many brands rely on their social media accounts to increase their visibility to the public. But social media algorithms often have debilitating features. For example, Facebook will only show your posts to a larger audience if it succeeds with a smaller one first. Instagrammers complain in their stories about their hang-ups with the network’s posting algorithms.

Added to all of this is the fact that people are scaling back on social media. Whether that means they are using the iPhone’s new “ScreenTime” feature to monitor and decrease their number of hours spent scrolling or that they are paring down their list of friends, users are starting to realize that social media has gotten out of control.

Amidst all of the social media activity from users and advertisers alike, email has remained king of marketing. Because users must explicitly sign up for emails, one thousand email subscribers is worth so much more to a company than one thousand (or even one hundred thousand!) Twitter followers. And, email provides a direct link to the consumer with no in-between party like Instagram or Facebook. Companies have full control over their message to the consumer and its content, appearance, and time of arrival.

Even more valuable to marketers than email subscribers, however, are word-of-mouth customers. Word-of-mouth is truly the best way to truly market your business. Sometimes called “the original social media platform,” it’s truly the best way to introduce your brand to a new customer: through one of their trusted friends. Is there a digital home for this process? Yelp! is founded in reviews and recommendations, but for the vast majority of users they are just reading the words of strangers – some of whom were paid to write those words. That’s not trustworthy at all. There are other sites, but none of them bring that personal aspect of true word-of-mouth sharing.

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