Messaging platforms are meant to help groups get organized, make plans, and facilitate meaningful interactions. Depending on the group and the situation, utilizing other tools could also be helpful with anything like scheduling meeting times, arranging plans, and making decisions.

If you’re a little league coach planning an away game for the team, a messaging platform is a perfect way to update team parents on the itinerary. If it’s an overnight trip, however, you may need to use other tools to better organize travel plans and hotel expenses.

What if your homeowners association community committee is planning a potluck? You’re probably able to coordinate some plans in a group message, but you need to find a way to send invitations and receive RSVPs to gauge how many people will be at the event.

Here’s a list of apps that can help you coordinate your group, so you can keep members updated, organized, and on time:

1. Trello

Trello is a great tool for managing projects and events with group members, or for staying on top of personal tasks. Organize tasks into lists or calendars, set due dates, check boxes, and more. It also encourages collaboration among team members. Trello allows you to add comments and attachments to tasks, which keeps all pertinent information in one place.
Trello also updates and syncs regularly, so your boards are up-to-date across all of your devices. Print, export, and share links to your boards, which helps everyone stay on the same page.

2. Paperless Post

Is your group planning an event? Whether it’s a neighborhood block party, end-of-the-season team celebration, or family reunion, you have to find a way to invite members, share necessary information, and gather RSVPs. Paperless Post is a great option, and it’s free!

Create an exciting flyer from a selection of professional designs and include all of the event information like dates, times, and more for your guests. Your flyer will have a shareable link to use for social media, text message or email. The best part is that guests can RSVP right on the flyer, so you can keep track of who will be attending your event.

3. Doodle

If you’ve ever tried to coordinate meeting times for big groups, you know how difficult it is. It’s hard to find the perfect time that aligns with everyone’s busy schedules. Doodle is an easy way to see what days and times work best for meetings or events across your group.

When you create a Doodle poll and invite members, they can vote the days, times, and places that work best for their schedules. Doodle gathers this information and compares it to find the ideal meeting option for participants. Stop wasting time coordinating, and get collaborating.

4.  Venmo

Things get a little more complicated in a group when money is involved. Whether members are purchasing supplies, funding an event, or going out to a fun dinner, having a central means to handle finances makes everything easier.

With Venmo, you can pay, receive payment, and split costs with your group. It’s a way to accurately hold group members accountable for costs, keep track of purchases, and manage financial transactions in a secure, reliable app.

5. Travefy

Travel planning with a group can be difficult, especially when logistics, timelines, and payments are involved. Travefy organizes your travel information in one place to ensure every member is on the same page.

Research activities and restaurants around your destination, book hotels or vacation rentals, and create mobile-friendly itineraries. Whether you’re planning an educational field trip, annual family vacation, or volunteer trip abroad, everyone knows exactly what the group’s travel plans are. This takes the stress off you.

6. Cozi Family Organizer

When family members have different work hours, plans, and activities, it can be difficult to schedule a family meal or outing. Cozi Family Organizer helps you find the family time you’ve been looking for. This app is made specifically for family coordination with features like a color-coded family calendar, to-do lists, shopping lists, and a family journal. See what each member’s schedule looks like, set appointment reminders, share lists, and so much more.

Each of these apps can help you coordinate your group members efficiently, and they all work well with Go2s.

Go2s is a private platform designed specifically to help groups get organized, coordinate, and facilitate meaningful interaction. The Go2s team believes that groups should be places where members of an organization can stay informed and get to know each other better. We’re dedicated to helping our users live happier, more meaningful lives.

If you’re searching for the perfect group messaging platform and private social network for your organization, get started with Go2s today.