There’s no question that adults use social platforms differently from younger users. Their motivations for using the platforms may be similar, but their methods of use are quite distinctive. While most kids under the age of eighteen haven’t even made a Facebook account, that’s the most-used network for most adults. Many high schoolers endlessly send selfies to their friends one-on-one on Snapchat to keep snap streaks alive, but most parents are on Snapchat only to keep an eye on their kids’ publicly shared stories. Kids retweet viral videos while adults check Twitter for the news. There are three main reasons adults use social platforms: to keep an eye on their children, to get news, and to connect. Unfortunately, today’s social networks don’t meet most of the needs of its adult users.

Keeping an Eye on the Kids

 It’s impossible to parent today without thinking about what kids are doing on the internet. Kids spend so much time on their smart phones texting friends, posting on social media, and searching items on the internet that parents make concerted efforts to monitor these digital activities. About 60% of parents check the websites their teen visits and the social media profiles they have. Many parents will join social media platforms like Instagram or Snapchat with the sole purpose of seeing what their child is up to on the site. When the only way to access their child’s posts is to make an account themselves, parents have no choice but to make their own account and use the platform. It is undeniably an effective way to monitor a child’s public online behavior, but there are many avenues for private communication that kids can take. If a parent really wants to know everything their child is up to on the internet, searching their phone or computer is really the only way to find out.

 Getting the News

More and more adults are using social media as their main source of news. In fact, about two-thirds of adults in the U.S. obtain news from social platforms. This is a dangerous trend, as recent events have brought to light just how unreliable social media can be. Social platforms themselves are not credible news sources, they are places where anyone can share anything they like. From one-off rants in Facebook statuses to non-credible articles shared on Twitter, there are so many misleading sources of information that it can be hard to sort out the real news from the fake news. Many users have fallen prey to false information, even to the point where they attend political rallies organized and hosted by complete impostors.


 Anyone on social media is looking to make connections, no matter their age. Whether it be connecting with friends, family, or inspiration, we all seek it out. We just do it in different ways – especially adults. There are more kinds of relationships that adults sustain in the digital world, from connecting with coworkers to in-laws to former schoolmates. But instead of bringing people together and building relationships, social media platforms often instigate a feeling of competition. So often, the platforms are about quantity over quality (How many Facebook friends do I have? Are more people following me on Instagram than her? Did my tweet get many retweets?) This environment brings out insecurities and self-doubt, effectively turning confident adults into self-conscious teens.

One thing that adults need but cannot find on major social media platforms is a place to build real relationships and create meaningful connections. Go2s is not a news source (find credible sources for that!), nor is it a place to monitor teen activity (go where the teens are for that). Rather, it’s a private social platform designed to connect busy parents and adults with trusted connections. Go2s is a place where you can get advice, recommendations, and help from real people who know you and care about you. It’s more than a social platform – it’s a living network designed to make your life easier. Start finding your trusted connections today at