In a technological age dominated by the power of data, digital security and privacy have become a huge issue. Our data and information are constantly under threat, oftentimes without our knowing. But, we look over privacy agreements that seem safe. We read promises that our data is protected and will not be sold to third parties. These companies will take care of us because they have our best interest at heart, don’t they?

Privacy and Security are Both Under Attack

Unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible to tell what is an illusion and what isn’t.

Besides being careful about where you share your personal information online, it’s also important to understand the risks. Part of that is understanding the difference between security and privacy because both are under attack and they are not the same thing.

Security is the protection of your personal information against unauthorized access. For example, security could be put in place to prevent cybercriminals from hacking someone’s banking information. Oftentimes companies will create security for users by encrypting messages and transactions, meaning that the transferred information is encoded in a way that is very difficult to decode and understand. It’s all about keeping information safe from crooked hands.

Privacy, on the other hand, is a more amorphous term. It means different things to different organizations. It could mean that your data is protected from everyone. It could mean that the company will collect and use your personal data to make business decisions. It could also mean that the company will collect and sell your data to third parties. All of these possible definitions of privacy mean that two parties are liable to disagree on what is truly “private”. There is also the argument that personal privacy, in some cases, should be sacrificed for the good of public security (showing how, despite being separate concepts, privacy and security are often deeply intertwined). Just know that for many organizations, the promise of privacy is a very flexible one.

Demand for More Than Status Quo

When big companies allow a violation of our privacy or security, alarm bells ring out across the globe. It happens so often now (look at all of these security breaches just from 2019) that it might even feel commonplace.

We shouldn’t be settling for that – because we don’t have to.

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