When you’re running a childcare center, coaching a youth sports team, or directing a non-profit organization, you may need to communicate vital information quickly and ensure that it’s given priority in your group’s news feeds. With some social media sites, it may be a challenge to keep crucial information at the top of a post or conversation thread, as any new content will automatically take priority. With Go2s, you can make sure your team sees the most important information right away by pinning the post. Pinning ensures that when you’re communicating something of extreme importance (such as a reminder or schedule change), it goes to the top of your community’s news feed — and stays there — so everyone can see it without having to scroll. As long as you’re a group admin, you have pinning privileges. Here’s how to pin a post:

Create a Post

Select the group that will be the recipient of your information. Go to groups (2 icons to the right of “home” on the top bar), then select the group you want. When you see the “What do you want to post?” prompt, type in the information. For instance, let’s say you need to notify your sports team that tonight’s practice is canceled due to inclement weather. You might write, “No practice tonight due to snow. Will let you know when we reschedule.” Enter it here and click “Post.”

Pin It

In the box where you posted, you’ll see a vertical row of three dots in the upper right-hand corner. When you click on it, a symbol of a pushpin drops down, accompanied by the text, “Pin to the top of the group timeline.” Click on that and a prompt should appear that reads, “Pin to the top of the group timeline.” Here, you can type a brief general description that sums up what you posted. For instance, you might write, “No practice tonight.”

Click “Post” and you’ll see your pinned content at the top of the post. Within minutes, members of your group will no doubt start responding to your update. You will notice that the original text that you posted, “No practice tonight due to snow…”, will get pushed down as other people comment or you add to the post. However, the “No practice tonight” that you pinned remains at the top of the thread no matter what.

You can even pin older posts if, for some reason, you need to call attention to them again. For instance, if there is confusion about a particular rule or policy at your childcare center, and you addressed this issue in an earlier post and need to highlight it again, you can pin it for easy reference.

Unpin an Update

You can also unpin a post when the information is no longer relevant or you want to create new content to pin. Just as you clicked in the upper right-hand side of the box, to select “Pin”, you can click there again to select “Unpin.” (You’ll see a hollow pin with the text, “Unpin item from the group timeline”). From there, if you want to create a new pin, just follow the same steps you went through the first time around.

Pinned Posts in Your Inbox

While most social media sites provide notifications via email, you sometimes can’t see what the notification is about unless you go to the actual post on the social media page. This may cause users to ignore the emails altogether, especially when they’re busy and trying to minimize screen time that isn’t work-related.

One great advantage of pinning posts in Go2s is that the pinned information appears as a footer in the email notifications users receive alerting them to a new post.  (You’ll see it under the “View & Respond” button). So even if members don’t immediately check their news feed, they will get the gist of what your post is about.

For leaders of organizations large and small, Go2s is their go-to channel for communicating important information. Our secure platform allows you to keep your members in the loop quickly and easily. We make email notifications as simple and straightforward as possible, too. If you’re ready to put your community on track for seamless communication, sign up for a free Go2s account today.