Brunswick, MD – October 2, 2017 – When most people hear “app”, “social media” or “software development” they think Silicon Valley, California. Iyotee, Inc. is redefining traditional social media with Go2s, its ambitious new app. Go2s, a private social network where users can connect with their most trusted family and friends and discover how to extend their support network, will be launched in the carefully chosen town of Brunswick, MD.

When asked why the team selected Brunswick for the launch, Iyotee Founder and CEO Mehdi Tehranchi explains, “We have been evaluating various launch cities for Go2s for almost a year, and Brunswick stood out among all our options. Go2s is a private social network centered around trust, and Brunswick’s unique aspects make it the perfect launch site for the platform: a rooted community with active civic organizations and churches, passionate local businesses, an open and approachable city government, and ease of access to major metropolitan areas. It’s truly an undiscovered gem. We are excited to bring Go2s to launch in this community.”

The Go2s app offers individuals, businesses, and groups a way to share resources and communicate without annoying competition from paid posts or nagging fear that content will fall into the wrong hands. According to Tehranchi, “Go2s account holders can use the uniquely designed Resource feature to not only recommend trusted vendors, but also to search their trusted Go2s network of friends, relatives, and neighbors for their recommendations. Additionally, we see the Help Request feature simplifying our daily patterns and ultimately making our lives easier. By sending out a Help Request, Go2s users can turn what would have been a sprawling and complicated group text into one coordinated help request.”

For individuals, Go2s makes it simple to find trustworthy recommendations for medical care resources, child care providers, home improvement vendors, and more. Go2s users will also benefit from requesting help with personal tasks and errands from a network built around people they know out as far as the 3rd degree of separation. For businesses and community groups, Go2s is designed to help them communicate with all their most interested advocates directly and consistently, without paying for reach. For everyone, Go2s can make life simpler, safer, and more connected.

Go2s will be appearing at numerous local events including Brunswick’s Railroad Days Festival this weekend and the Greater Brunswick Area Chamber of Commerce Business Expo on November 9th. The technologically curious can register at for the opportunity to be among a select group of people to provide feedback on their Go2s experiences and make suggestions for enhancing the platform.


For more information:
Alyssa Theodore, Go2s Brunswick Liaison