For many people, apps are a way to distract themselves from the noise of daily life. It allows for a few moments of quiet before continuing on with the day. But, it also does much more than that. Family members who live across the country can keep up-to-date with their loved ones, community members can organize events for their network, and companies can grow their business. All of these benefits also come with an understanding that certain aspects of privacy will be given up. 

Staying Connected with Family

Whether your family is based in the same region or around the world, it’s important to stay connected to them and share life’s big moments. Instead of piecing together various apps and email chains, you can build your family’s communication to your needs, all from Go2s. Whether it’s a group dedicated to organizing reunions, regular updates to your news feed, or uploading photos and files to an album, you and your family can remain connected.

Organizing Neighborhood Events

A strong neighborhood is filled with residents who are familiar with and support each other. Hopefully, that also means that neighborhood events are being organized and attended! Coordinating such events via emails, text messages, and social media groups can be difficult to keep track of. With the Go2s app, add neighbors to a dedicated group where they can communicate in the group or direct messages, create polls, send group notifications, and much more. 

Gathering Feedback For Your Business  

It’s important for businesses to have some form of presence online whether it’s a website, social network page, or other form of publicity. However, the buck doesn’t stop there. Today, a good business has a way to gather feedback from customers and potential customers have a way to receive referrals and recommendations from their trusted sources.

Whether you’re looking for a way to disconnect from the noise, connect with those around you, or increase your community engagement, Go2s is the solution for you. Join us on the free and private social network.