Do you manage an online group? If you’re a group administrator, the privacy and security of your group is a priority for you.

Whether your organization’s members are exchanging information on upcoming events, trying to keep in touch, or using your group for sensitive data, there’s likely some information or member profiles that you’d like to keep private and secure from hackers, advertisers, and outsiders.

Use these helpful tips to keep your group safe online:

Review The Privacy Settings On Your Platform

As an administrator, when you create a group, you can choose from a selection of privacy settings. This allows you to decide how public your group is and what information can be accessed by outsiders.

These settings give you control over who can search for your group, see which members are involved, view discussions, and have access to other information about group members or what’s discussed.

Limit Access To Your Group

When you set your group’s privacy, you take control of who has access to the information in your group discussions. With personal and private information and conversations in your group message, be sure you can trust all your group members.
Depending on the platform, you can make your group invisible to outsiders. A safety feature in this setting is that those who are interested in joining your group either have to be invited or send a request to join before they can view the private information in your group discussion.
You can limit who can invite and approve new additions to your group. As administrator, you can be the sole person responsible for this. You can also let trusted members invite their connections and approve new users to join.

Involve Group Members

The privacy of your group majorly relies on you as a group leader. It also relies on the habits of your group members. Privacy is a collective effort. Using settings on your platforms to manage security is a great first step. To ensure the complete security of your group, involve group members directly. If a group member’s account becomes compromised due to a bad habit of reading clickbait articles, your whole group could be compromised.

Instilling good habits in your group members when it comes to security and privacy can help you stay safer.

Ensure all members know the importance of installing and updating antivirus protection on their devices, managing personal privacy settings, and using unique passwords and two-factor identification when possible. They should also learn how to spot dangerous links and content that could be spam or scams.

Keep Your Guard Up

Even after you speak to your group about staying safe online, be on the lookout for suspicious activity. People make mistakes, and hackers know this. If you notice something unordinary for a group member to post or see a new username that you don’t recognize, it could be a sign of a breach.
Stay updated on scams or hacks in the news. If there’s been a huge breach of security on a social media platform that your group members use, know about it immediately. Staying updated will help you take actionable steps toward eliminating the threat of a breach.

Report Suspicious Content

A member of your organization is posting spammy messages and links in your online group. Now what?

If this is unlike them and you think their account has been hacked, report their spam messages on the platform. This removes the spam links from your group message. Also, alert your organization member that their account has potentially been hacked.

They need to take the necessary steps to secure their profile, depending on which platform they are using.

Go2s makes security and privacy a priority. Unlike other social networks today, Go2s makes it simple and clear on how to set and control your privacy. To ensure the safety and security of our platform, we verify a user’s email or cell number when they sign up. Access is password-protected, information exchanged is encrypted by HTTPS, and we don’t share information with advertisers or third-party vendors.

If you’re looking for a secure place to host your organization’s group message, get started with Go2s today.