When you’re running a childcare center, technology can help you improve nearly every aspect of day-to-day operations, empowering you and your staff to do your jobs even better. Believe it or not, a social networking app can be an excellent tool for enhancing the learning experience of the children in your charge. Here’s how the right platform can get your team to the head of the class.

Your Staff Can Collaborate More Effectively

When your team is linked via a digital platform, they can exchange ideas and share insights anytime. If they happen to be surfing the Web late at night and come across an awesome lesson plan, they can post it immediately.

If they have to rely solely on more traditional methods of communication, they might be less apt to share the resources they find. After all, teachers will likely lose their momentum when they’re left to play phone tag or create lengthy text message threads and email lists.

Similarly, connecting your staff via a secure site can help everyone address sensitive issues involving the children in your care. If you notice that a particular child isn’t making progress or has behavioral challenges, you can take a team approach to addressing these problems, ensuring that your communications remain private so there’s no potential for a confidentiality breach.

It’s Easier to Stay Organized

With digital resources, teachers can streamline tasks, and therefore accomplish more in less time. They can quickly create newsletters and reminders, sending them out digitally instead of dealing with the clutter of a paper trail. Not only will your staff be in a better position to stay organized, they’ll have more time to devote to lesson planning and coming up with creative activities.

You Can Keep Your Existing Technology

If you already have a platform for checking children in and out of your center, you can use the site alongside it without disrupting your existing system or giving it up altogether. Since engaging with the new app isn’t difficult, it will become second-nature for your team to master it and use it along with any other platforms you already subscribe to.

You’re Better Equipped to Engage Parents

Go2s allows you to reach parents via text and email in real time without having to perform two separate actions. Even if parents don’t join the app, they can get notifications via email, so they’re not left out of the loop. Being able to connect with your contacts immediately also takes the hassle out of resolving time-sensitive issues that crop up, such as a parent who’s running late to pick up their child because of a traffic jam.

Similarly, you can make it easy for parents to sign up for events or respond to invitations, since they can do it through the app. Everyone can see what they sign up for, so there’s no confusion or need for follow-up to double-check your rosters.

Streamline Your Accreditation Process

If you’re pursuing accreditation to demonstrate your commitment to meeting high standards, a digital platform enables you to seamlessly complete the process. Smart technology makes it possible to readily document how your center is aligning with accreditation criteria. Plus, you can keep detailed, organized records of everything you need so you don’t have to search through piles of paperwork or columns of computer files when you want to locate something.

You Can Forge Stronger Partnerships with the Community

An important part of early childhood education involves partnering with the community — visiting parks, libraries, museums and the like. When you’re using a secure networking platform, you can add to your circle local contacts who can help you plan learning activities for your center. The app allows you to leverage available resources by keeping them within easy reach. And if you’re on the lookout for new ways to engage with the community, you can use the platform to solicit suggestions from people you trust.

Go2s is a safe, secure app that allows you to connect with your community — without the chaos and traffic you find on most social media sites. Since everything they share remains private, your team can have full confidence and freedom to voice concerns, ask questions, and contribute ideas. If you want to improve collaboration and learning for your entire team, register for a free account today.