Back-to-school season is in full swing. The beach bags are getting traded for backpacks and families are preparing for the routines that come with a school year: sleep schedules, extracurricular activities, weeknight meals, and so much more. And then there’s the social-emotional preparations, especially if the children are going to a new school or will be in a separate classroom from their best friends. 

However families may be preparing for the start of the school year, it’s important to consider how to help them stay connected and organized throughout the year, too. We’re not just talking about staying connected with regular updates throughout the day, we’re talking about staying connected with teachers, other parents, coaches, other families in the neighborhood, and anyone else who is part of their day-to-day life. 

Creating safe and private methods of communication should go beyond email, paper announcements, and texting. Today’s tech-savvy parents depend on easy to use solid communication and coordination tools to make their day more manageable. 

Expand the Support Network

Parents who feel safe sharing information online are naturally more effective and happier to engage with each other and with their child’s teachers. Connected teachers can privately share children’s progress, coordinate events, share forms, and better manage parents’ expectations. 

As teachers and daycare directors, you are one of the first community pillars for a growing family. Privacy, trust, and security are the cornerstones of the childcare community and by strengthening your center with the proper tools respecting these elements, you are helping a new generation of stronger and better community participants.   

Share with Confidence

A private social network allows a parent to share community resources, assist each other by connecting with other groups and expand the childcare to all facets of the larger community. Many parents are shifting away from well known social media networks because of privacy concerns so providing them with a space to share updates with confidence will improve communication throughout the community and between teachers and parents. 

Observing child privacy should not mean diminishing the means of communication to the lowest common denominator of face-to-face, email, texting, or phone calls. Busy parents can hardly coordinate a call never-mind arranging a face-to-face meeting. Providing parents with a free private social network provides them with a worry-free platform for connecting, coordinating, and assisting – ultimately creating a happier environment for parents, teachers, and children. 

Foster Parent-to-Parent Communication 

Supporting your parents’ need to privately connect, communicate, collaborate and share information is the foundation of a better childcare community. Your center needs a better platform than email, text, and paper to do this effectively! 

While it’s nice for parents to talk to each other at drop-offs and pickups, that time doesn’t leave a lot of room for conversation. Providing parents with a space to connect with each other can help them when they suddenly need another parent to give their child a ride to school or when they need recommendations. With Go2s, they will be connected with each other without having to relinquish all of their personal data and information.  

Supporting parents doesn’t have to cause you or your staff stress, either. In fact, it can alleviate a lot of stress and create a better community altogether.