In the month of March, Go2s designers and developers went to work to create our updated Mobile App home page. Here is what’s exciting and new:

1.              Go2s Logo: If you look carefully at our Go2s logo you will see people closely linked together. It symbolizes one’s inner circle, ones Go2s. During the past month we have fine-tuned the look and feel of the logo. We incorporated the color blue to make the logo more crisp and modified the fonts to make the app more easily recognizable.  We love the new look, and hope you do too!

2.              Simple Login Method – Now you can use your Facebook, Google+, or use your email address to create your account and sign in. These options are available on the homepage and make the process easy.

3.              The Tour: Are you new to Go2s? No problem, now you can swipe your way through a short set of introductory slides to see how Go2s can make your life easier.

4.              Go2s is Ready for You! – Sign up on our email list and prepare to be impressed with all the new and exciting ways we connect you with your most trusted resources. We are getting ready for you!