Organized, reliable communication for government, churches, non-profits, teams, & clubs

Brunswick, MD – December 11, 2017 – What’s better-organized than a group text, more reliable than social media, easier to keep updated than an email list, and free? Go2s Groups, the latest component of the Go2s private social network app from iyotee Tech.

“We care about our community groups’ and associations’ effectiveness,” said Mehdi Tehranchi founder and CEO of iyotee. “We interviewed Brunswick-based coaches, pastors, non-profit board members, and city administrators and developed Go2s Group using their feedback to offer a better way for their members to organize, connect, and communicate with each other.”

Go2s Groups are ideal for organizations that wish to avoid costly custom software, but struggle with the limitations of current free or low-cost options. It is an all-in-one communication tool with guaranteed content delivery, customizable settings and automatically-updated contact information. Group administrators can modify options to meet their specific needs using on-off toggles to determine whether groups are publicly-discoverable or private, invitation-only or open enrollment, and published or unpublished membership. Drop-down menus allow free or restricted access to the announcement, discussion, request, recommendation, and check-in features. Features that might be more hassle than help, depending on the nature of your group, can be shut down.

Since members access their groups from their private Go2s accounts based on verified email addresses or cell numbers, contact information is automatically updated without requiring administrator intervention.

Local groups of all types are invited to watch a brief demonstration of Go2s Groups here.