Time, life distractions, and distance can keep us from staying in contact with family members.  We find ourselves going for long periods without speaking to a loved one. Technology can help us bridge the communication gap that often builds up even when you are right across town from your family.  When used correctly, it can be a vital tool in allowing us to reach out to family in an instant.

Go2s, a social networking app, helps in that effort by keeping you involved in the lives of those that matter the most without the online noises that can be overwhelming. Here are four ways that Go2s assists in helping family members improve their communication, no matter where they are in the country.

1. Create Private Lines of Communication

There are some areas of our lives that we are not as comfortable sharing with some family members. Go2s understands that it is sometimes necessary to have a secure place to discuss sensitive family matters with only a few people in the family group. There is nothing worse than having information leak out accidentally.

Avoid the aggravation of trying to navigate confusing instructions to set up private communications. Go2s makes it possible to create mini-social networks within your family group with just a few mouse clicks or finger taps. Navigating between various sets of family groups makes it easy to plan those surprise gatherings or discuss important family matters.

2. Stay Updated on Major Life Events

Keeping up with significant changes and events in the lives of family members grows more complicated as life, and sometimes distance gets in the way. Go2s can keep you all connected so that no one misses out on important events in each other’s lives. Share posts across all your family networks about the new baby on the way. Use Go2s document-sharing capabilities to let everyone see the acceptance letter your favorite nephew received from his school of choice. Many parents may regularly post pictures of their children; however, it can be detrimental to the children on mainstream social networking sites.

3. Plan Major Family Gatherings

Getting everyone in the family together for a special occasion can be challenging whether everyone resides in the same area or across the country. Go2s makes it possible to contact everyone across your private family networks to share pertinent details about an event. There is a handy event sign-up feature that can be used to get a more accurate count of who will attend the gathering. You can also create an online photo album of the event to share with those who could not make the event and allow those who could to enjoy the memories. The best part? It’s all in one location – no need to use multiple apps or create endless accounts.

4. Enable More Secure Online Interactions

Another day, another headline about a major social media company “accidentally” losing control of their user’s information. It would be comical if it did not have such far-reaching impacts on your life. You stand to lose a lot if one bad actor gets hold information like your social security number or email address.

The root of the problem is that larger social media enterprises have stopped looking at their users as anything other than a commodity. At Go2s, we look at security as vital, not an unnecessary distraction on the way to making a profit. Families can trust us to look out for every member of their group and keep their information out of the hands of those only interested in exploitation.

Here are a few of the features we offer when it comes to managing your family’s privacy.

  • All users have their email or phone number verified at sign-up
  • Every family member has complete control over their profile settings
  • We check all contact information from a member when they send a notification
  • All Go2s passwords receive encrypted protection via HTTPS
  • Go2s does not share data on your family members with any third parties or advertisers

People Over Profit

Go2s believes in using the power of technology to keep people close to one another. Start working on building a private, secure social network for your family by creating an account today.