The strength and vitality of associations depend on their ability to perpetuate connections between members. In the current environment, fostering enthusiasm and connectivity is difficult as associations are having to host their meetings, programs, and other activities remotely.

Social networks provide a unique solution to help address this issue. With their assistance, you can continue to energize your remote work culture to keep you moving forward despite the temporary lack of physical proximity.

How Social Networks Can Boost Productive Connectivity

When used effectively, social networks give members of various groups and organizations a virtual platform for interacting, no matter where they are located. The flexibility and versatility provided by social media communities through apps and online channels can serve associations across multiple industries. Here are some ways you can use them to your organization’s advantage:

1. Building a Network

Networking is an important benefit of belonging to an association, whether it’s professional, civic, or centered on common interest. With meetings and other programs curtailed or limited for the time being, this element is lacking. Social networks can fill the gap and give your association members a place to continue networking, meeting other members, and cultivating more enthusiasm for their work. They can also be a place where you introduce potential mentors and mentees within various professions who can benefit from the connection. These members can continue to use the platform for their interactions while working remotely both now and in the future.

2. Sharing Your Expertise

Association members, new and old, expect you to be an expert within your trade or industry. As the organization or association representative, you can leverage various social media channels to demonstrate your knowledge by sharing recent trends or important reports related to your industry. Additionally, you can highlight and recommend training opportunities, educational videos, or other services and resources that could be beneficial to individuals who are part of your organization. This provides value to your current membership and gives prospective members a reason to follow you or join the association.

3. Sparking Discussion

Social networks like Go2s encompass a variety of features that help you energize and engage your members. You can foster conversation among your diverse community through sharing content, commenting, liking, pinning, and polling for vital feedback. These features can cultivate the sense of camaraderie that members are seeking through your association. Additionally, social networks provide a channel for bi-directional communication to flow between association members and leadership.

4. Promoting Community Involvement

Social networks are also another platform for promoting community involvement, which is valuable for association members who may be feeling a bit disconnected at this time. You can provide information on service projects available to members, share reviews and recommendations for certain businesses, and give shoutouts to local organizations and businesses for their accomplishments. All these actions help exemplify and inspire civic involvement and strengthen the community.

5. Holding Meetings

Most small and mid-sized associations hold meetings annually, or sometimes more frequently. If you are unable to hold your association’s 2020 meeting in person, because of the COVID-19 pandemic or any number of reasons, you can move it to a virtual space via one of your social networking channels, such as Go2s. Other tools allow you to post events on a group calendar, create signup sheets to organize activities and volunteers, and collaborate on other projects and programs.

6. Increasing Organizational Awareness

Finally, social networks empower your association to increase awareness about your mission, objectives, and values and attract new members. This is especially important if your goal is to expand your reach to get the younger generations involved. Prospective members are drawn to networks that provide options for seamless, convenient communication and connection.

Using Social Networks to Your Advantage

Many associations use at least a few social media channels, but you also can and should be building membership engagement around them, especially in the temporary environment that is dominated by remote interaction. Go2s offers numerous benefits to small and mid-sized associations across a range of industries and trades, from bi-directional communication and sharing features to collaboration and meeting tools. For both existing and prospective members, these features can increase the awareness, enthusiasm, and engagement that are critical to your association.