We’ve all been there after a busy day: needing a break from the commotion and turning to a mobile device. We open the app, begin to scroll, and suddenly an hour has gone by. During that hour, did you know every person you scrolled past? Better yet, did you care about their posts? These days, social networking apps have become a noisy outlet, filled with advertisements, updates from people you may not talk to in real life, and photos that lead to the all too common ‘fear of missing out’. In fact, many people have accepted the idea that using free social media platform also means giving up our privacy, the privacy of our home, and general peace of mind. While social media sites can be a great way to zone out and waste some time, they’re not not conducive to making connections with other people, seeing updates from those you really care about, or finding reliable doctors and recommended businesses from people you know and trust. 

But, it doesn’t have to be that way. 

Go2s is changing the way free social networks are used. We’re not interested in a noisy network of advertisements that may not be applicable (or maybe are too applicable…). We’re not interested in tracking your activity and feeding you related advertisements. In fact, we’re not interested in your data at all. 

We are interested in:

  • Creating a network of individuals and groups who care about community in their daily lives. Whether you’re planning and organizing your child’s school party, gathering the neighborhood for a meeting, or want to connect with family who live across the country, this is the app for you.  
  • Reliable delivery. You’re in charge of how you receive notifications. Turn off notifications that may not be relevant or receive messages to your phone for the emergency notifications (don’t miss the message about your child’s daycare closing early!). 
  • A free and safe space to share. Your personal habits are none of our business. Liking your neighborhood’s bicycle shop doesn’t mean you’ll suddenly see advertisements for bike parts and other shops. Beyond businesses, you can share pictures of your children without worrying about whose hands they could end up in.  
  • Creating a community that is flexible and private. That’s why when you connect with someone, the other person will see your timeline information from that moment forward (no creeping on someone’s past here!) and you have to give permission for them to see your timeline. 
  • Helping you find trusted resources. Need a babysitter, new roof, or good restaurant? Get recommendations from your community, not from strangers. 

If you’re interested in learning more about why we really don’t want your data, you can read more about it. Ready to disconnect from the noise? Join us by downloading the free app today