Running a childcare organization can be a chaotic business at the best of times. The day-to-day goings-on would not function as efficiently without the support from parents and communities surrounding them. Good quality, efficient collaborative communication is key. But how best can a childcare provider make use of such resources in this truly digital age?

Fractured Communication

Signing up for a Private Social Network Platform for everybody connected with the day-care provider could be the answer.

For a typical early years childcare provider you will acknowledge how frustrating it can be when you send out countless letters and emails to parents on subjects relating to the children’s day-to-day education experience, to then realize a high percentage of these are not even read, passed on, or even acknowledged They are simply not engaged enough to soak in the information or to act upon requests. The lines of communication are fractured.

Social Network To Connect To Your Community

As time has progressed in this digital age, day-care providers have required to keep in line with modern technology in terms of how it communicates and engages with parents and communities. To ensure the efficiency of its resources they need to take the next leap forward. This is where a Private Social Network can step in

Although traditional methods of communication such as the use of email, text, and paper are still in use today, (and have their place), we all need to accept that these methods are not as powerful in drawing in your audience.

Social media has a place in today’s world of childcare; it can provide a linking arm to engage parents whose children are embarking on their education. Privacy and data collection issues are now big problems for users of the global big players of social media. It, therefore, makes logical sense for childcare providers to be able to provide a platform that respects the privacy of the children, parents and local communities.  Day-care providers are beginning to see the benefit of venturing into the world of Private Social Media Network Platforms. The correct Private Social Media Network should be heavily researched and must operate on a strict no data collection business model, otherwise, users will just feel they are being artificially watched like they are with the global public platforms.

Connected Parents = Happier Daycare

Having a digital network promotes better communication and collaboration by allowing the user to post relevant information directly, it enables events to be professionally organized, creation of signup sheets, documents/forms and picture albums to be uploaded. All are part of today’s standard means of organized communication and without a digital tool that provides a rich set of capabilities, the community cannot be effective in helping the childcare organization.

For it to be taken seriously by the local community, the platform also needs to be free. A free Private Social Network will allow parents to expand and set up various support groups in their neighborhood, churches, and other organizations and connect them together and provide better ways to bring the community together.

In these tough financial times, fundraising can be tough to get right. But If your audience is already engaged and communicating on a safe, free, reliable platform, chances are they may show interest in collaborating with the fundraising, and therefore increase their engagement in other areas.

Imagine having a place where you could not only visually see the progress of your children digitally, but you can actively become involved in events which shape how you live in your local community.

Just the act of feeling part of something within your community can give people that sense of self-satisfaction. It increases happiness and a sense of togetherness.

Parenthood can be a lonely place for some, so reaching out and offering them more opportunities to showcase their own set of skills for the whole community to benefit from can only be a positive thing, right?