Springtime is filled with memory-making activities: Easter egg hunts, Mother’s Day brunches, graduations, Father’s Day BBQs, opening day on the Little League field…the list goes on. Most of us will be there with smart phones in hand, snapping away to capture every moment we can. But when it comes to showing these photos to loved ones, we face a dilemma: what’s the best way to share meaningful memories without sacrificing privacy and security?

On traditional social networks, photos can be shared indiscriminately, even when initially directed to a select group. A simple “like” posts the image on the recipient’s own news feed for all their friends to see (and like, and share). Photo sites such as Flickr, PhotoBucket, or Prime Photos are great for long-term storage and organization, but, with their extra cost (for ad-free displays) and more complex editing tools, they can be overkill for in-the-moment delivery.

Go2s offers users an alternative for safe, all-in-one-app photo sharing. When you are on the Go2s network, you can go securely from camera to Post on encrypted wi-fi. You can select specific people to see your post or use Go2s Tagging feature to direct your posts to an approved list of recipients. Your audience always remains confidential.

Checking the “Disallow Re-posting” box ensures that photos go only where you choose to send them. Choosing “Private Comments” keeps personal remarks for your eyes only. And when delighted relatives click “like,” as they surely will, rest assured that only the original recipients (and poster) will see their appreciation.