This week, the Go2s team met with Brunswick city officials, including Mayor Jeffery Snoots and Mrs. Angel White to demonstrate latest Go2s Beta and determine how Go2s can become the primary, reliable source of information for all Brunswick residents. We all believe it is critical for residents to be up-to-speed with local events and news in their community, and we are excited for Go2s to positively impact the community as a whole.

The Go2s private social network has started to focus on three community pillars:

1. Creating a trusted private social network for all local residents
2. Becoming a source of reliable news and events for local agencies/associations
3. Inception of a community-based local business platform to connect local businesses to residents and their network, enhance the pull-factor encouraging local referrals, and boost shop-local initiatives.

Go2s is working on exciting new introduction of its agencies and business “dashboard” in July 2017! With this new functionality, agencies and businesses will be able to connect, share updates, and bring better services to their community.


About Iyotee, Inc.

Iyotee, Inc. (Iyotee) is a leader in private social network since 2015.  Iyotees’ flagship product, Go2s is an interest-aware, trust-centric, private social network focused on creating a social platform that enables users to engage with their close friends, family, co-workers, acquaintances, social groups, local agencies, businesses, and community. Go2s enables users to form their own private social network and enjoy the power of an expanding their trusted network through resource recommendations, help requests, searchable forums, posting, messaging, and audio/video capabilities. Go2s also provides private manual or automatic location sharing, as well as group chats. With Go2s you can reach Go2s’ Go2s (2nd degree) and even expand your audience to Go2s’s Go2s’ Go2s (3rd degree) and reach likeminded people connected with you through other friends and family members.