As a parent who’s childcare center or youth sports team is already using Go2s as a way to communicate, you’re in on the conversation. Go2s allows for better and stronger communication and communities all around: parent-to-parent, parent-to-teacher, teacher-to-teacher, parent-to-coach, coach-to-coach…you get the idea. But, if these are the only ways you’re using the platform, there’s a ton of opportunity to utilize the app in many other parts of life!

But where, you ask? 

Short answer: anywhere! The longer answer: in all of the places you communicate, coordinate, and connect. Think of your professional home-care services, nonprofit organizations, local community groups, monthly engagements, etc. They may not be people you want to have in your phone’s messages along with your friends and family but they are people you need to be in touch with. Enter Go2s. Organize groups, manage upcoming events, and save photos and files all from one location.

For your volunteer responsibilities

Use Go2s as a way to discuss any upcoming events or fundraisers with other organizers or attendees. The private nature of the app means that you can connect with as broad or specific of an audience as you need without the disruption of advertisements, cluttered inboxes, or other elements. Often, groups use a combination of email, text messages, and phone calls which leads to confusion, missed messages, and a lot of bouncing between tools.

For the professional home-care services

Here’s a real use case: you have someone who comes to clean your house weekly who you may need to communicate with about schedule changes or specific needs. They’re not some you want to communicate with in your phone’s messages along with your best friend, mom, and partner. Or maybe they don’t want to share their personal phone number with you. Go2s can take care of that. By connecting with them on the app, you can communicate with them, share photos or files, and keep it all in one location. The same goes for your babysitter, lawn care people, and other home support teams. No need to share your personal phone number to those you do not wish to share it with!

For your family and family friends

We all have that relative (or maybe a few) who don’t like to use technology for one reason or another. Maybe smartphones are too difficult for them, maybe they are suspicious of who’s tracking their activity. Whatever the reason, Go2s can be a solution. The ability to send updates to an email list or to Go2s contacts means that your cousin who doesn’t want to download another app can still see photos and updates of your family. A fast way to disseminate information quickly and in a way that works for the recipients.

Whether you are already using Go2s in one way or a few, you will find that there is so much that you can utilize from it. Try out some of the features for yourself to see how beneficial it can be to more of your communities and groups! Where will you take Go2s first?