Some of the best memories from our spring break trip: the pure joy on my kids’ faces as they discovered the “tornado” wind tunnel at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, their concentration as they learned how to draw Pigeon, Elephant & Piggy just like the artist at the special Mo Willems exhibit, and their hands-on delight at the H2Oh! Wing of the Carnegie Science Center.

What made a fantastic long weekend even better? Knowing about a great money-saving program. As members of the Maryland Science Center (an ASTC Passport Program institution) we got FREE, reciprocal entry into both museums for four people. And we’ve got a year to check out dozens of other participating museums for the cost of our membership to one.

This is the kind of thing I want all my closest parent-friends to know about. I’ll use Go2s to share this info specifically with My Close Go2s and I’ll be certain the people I love got it.

Parenting is a tough job. That hasn’t changed. Nor have we lost the need for a group of sympathetic friends and family to look out for us, share tips, commiserate with a rant, and be a part of our kids’ lives. It’s a crucial part of parents’ abilities to maintain their sanity and raise their kids as successfully as possible.

What has changed is how much we rely on online social networks to deliver a lot of that community support when geography and obligations don’t allow for as much face-to-face interaction.

As parents, we do our best to stay connected. We’ve made ourselves available on Facebook, Instagram, etc. We’ve done our part. This is where traditional social media has failed us. They have repaid our trust by selling our data, running social experiments on us, serving us tons of unwanted advertisements, withholding posts, and delaying message delivery.

Parents deserve a social network platform that respects the trust we’ve given them and understands the importance of the real people in our lives. Go2s doesn’t sell data to third parties, posts all messages instantly as they are sent, and offers advanced privacy controls so that we can ensure we’re sharing with exactly the right audience. Go2s is the network that delivers.