Effective communication, engagement and support are key variables for every successful business or organizational endeavor. That’s why Go2s is so important for the process of accreditation. It offers the key features that allow organizations to strategically share, collaborate, remind, analyze, and engage with your community.


Clear, open and effective communication is important to the accreditation process. It’s an important for a high-quality organization to have open and honest lines of communication. Accreditation requires proof and documentation that the organization is maintaining regular communication with the community. The Go2s social network offers tangible tools that allow organizations to communicate via newsletters, event schedules and reminders, as well as group reminders. The level of targeted communication channels is the best way to support real community-building conversations.

Transition and Services

The community needs more than just your standard communication structure and distribution. It’s important to offer personalized and targeted messaging. That means that it must be able to accurately track and reflect the level of service as well as growth and change in the participation by a family, group or member. This is not just any virtual communication. It’s one that’s designed to evolve with the community to offer exactly what each participant needs.

Professional Support

With the immersive and dynamic Go2s community tools, it’s easy to post the schedule, update upcoming opportunities, and easily sync up reminders. That level of functionality is expected with a professional organization, but Go2s takes it to the next level of targeted and supported communication. This level of professional support and interaction also allows an organization to more easily roll out local conferences and new online trainings. With that level of high-quality and controlled communication, an organization is able to prove a level of interaction and training capability that’s needed for accreditation.


Yes, documentation is key, but so is analytics and reporting capabilities. As part of the accreditation, an organization must demonstrate how regular communication, services and support have all impacted the community of families and members that it serves. Go2s allows you to easily track how you have communicated with each member and group, but you can then take that level of reporting to the next level by demonstrating how the community has grown, become more active, and also how your efforts have affected your community meetings, conferences, practices, or other in-community organizational activities.

Family Engagement

The goal is to engage with families and to meet their needs, based on your organizational goals and objectives. While your goal may be important, the first step is to reach out, build a community and develop a common ground or platform for communication. Go2s does the legwork for you. It’s a community that you can literally tap into and start using for your group activities with an easy login and group setup. It’s also easy to send invites for meetings and events as well as to post and share agendas and minutes so you’re all on the same page. For training and in-classroom scenarios, you can post materials and curriculum that are designed to support and facilitate the educational needs of the community.


Evaluation is also a key feature of the accreditation process. An organization must prove that it has made every effort to communicate with its community members, to develop and support the community’s growth, training and development goals. It’s also important to check in with the members of any community to see how those efforts have been received. Is the organization effective? Are you doing what you set out to do? Are you reaching the community?

While other platforms introduce more meaningless and annoying noise into our lives. Go2s is designed to offer the level of support and interaction that services the membership and community goals. It’s an easy and effective way to offer a meaningful, long-term and evolving level of community and relationship-building. This type of real-life community engagement and support network has a foothold online but not to stop there.

Go2s brings your community together for real-life interaction, and there’s really no substitute for that. That’s also the type of action-oriented, community-building network that accreditors are looking for.  It’s just one more piece of the puzzle that proves that you’ve created an organization that is offering the high-quality services and support that is meeting the needs of your community.