Technology development has reached a frenetic pace over the last ten years. A decade ago, using “wearable” gadgets and robots to perform routine tasks seemed more like the stuff of sci-fi novels than imminent realities.  Today, we’re using fitness trackers and smartphones to monitor our health. Automation is replacing human labor. Technology is transforming how we communicate in every sector, and education is no exception. Consider how the digital age is revolutionizing how we connect in this area.

Virtual Platforms Simulate Face-to-Face Contact

It used to be that if you couldn’t meet someone in person or give them a call, you would use instant messaging or email to stay in contact. As we approach the third decade of the 21st century, many people admit that email isn’t their go-to communication medium anymore. Increasingly, we’re simulating face-to-face interactions with video calls and live messaging apps. Thus, we can bridge distances, and even time zones instantly, communicating almost as though we are in the same room. This is especially beneficial when you want to take advantage of professional development opportunities that would otherwise incur considerable travel expenses. Likewise, connecting virtually enables you to communicate more readily with parents, vendors, and others in your network.

Seemingly Limitless Options for Networking

As the digital age takes over, it seems the number of social media sites and other digital platforms is expanding exponentially. This gives us an overwhelming number of networking options. Having multiple communication channels comes with some advantages. It allows us to reach a wider cross-section of the population. People who prefer certain ways of engaging online can find at least one avenue that meets their needs.

However, so many choices come with drawbacks. Naturally, concerns arise about privacy, and what happens when a particular platform begins to dominate the virtual realm.  We worry that its developers may be using our data without our consent, and we may have little recourse in holding them accountable.

All Our Devices Are Connected

It used to be the norm to keep information stored on some devices, but not others. Now, having at least two devices connected to each other is becoming the rule rather than the exception. This is extremely helpful when we want to seamlessly reach people through multiple channels, such as chat, email, and text. In many cases, we can now perform these tasks from one device, saving us considerable effort.

Greater connectivity, however, raises security issues. Our communications are increasingly visible to others. With frequent news headlines about data breaches within large corporations, we’re left wondering who may be affected next and how serious the consequences will be.

New Business Models

Technology is changing how we do business. Advertising used to be limited to newspapers, flyers tacked to community bulletin boards, and perhaps a catchy jingle on TV. For the most part, these are considered legacy techniques now. More than ever, people are using social media and other digital platforms to reach wider audiences.

While this can be an asset, it creates a host of challenges too. Businesses, schools, and other establishments must now maintain a constant online presence or risk fading into the woodwork. They’re under constant pressure to appear at the top of Google searches and create enough “clickbait” to keep their networks engaged. For private schools and childcare centers, this may sometimes mean training staff, or recruiting new team members, just to handle digital marketing. These people are tasked with posting photos, creating entertaining blog posts, and sharing public service announcements to hold their audience’s attention.

What’s Next?

With technology evolving so quickly, and the nature of communication changing just as rapidly, it’s difficult to predict just what the future holds. With public interest in tech-development at an all-time high, we can be sure that digital advancements aren’t likely to slow down anytime soon, and we can expect to see an expansion of artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR).

An App That Can Stand the Test of Time

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