Halloween is the holiday that hinges between two seasons – the last vestiges of summer and the onset of Christmas everything. Despite being sandwiched, it is magical in its own right with costumes, candy, haunted houses, and trick-or-treating. People of all ages relish the goofiness and spookiness that Halloween brings. But if you have kids at home or in your neighborhood, there are some important steps that you’ll want to include in your planning for the scariest night of the year:

  • Candy – Of course! Plenty of kids will eat any type of candy, and yet somehow it’s still stressful trying to pick the ‘right’ kinds. Try to get a variety of flavors and textures, like chocolatey and fruity, or smooth and crunchy. More importantly, reach out to your neighbors and friends to ask about children with allergies who may knock on your door. If you’re not sure about allergies, have a few treat options ready that are free of peanuts, tree nuts, milk, eggs, or gluten. And if you see candy on sale, don’t forget to announce the deal on Go2s to your neighbors and friends!
  • Decorating – Host a neighborhood Halloween party where kids can make some decorations and get excited for the big night. Or, team up with the neighborhood adults to coordinate scary yard scenes for a ‘haunted street’ effect that is much simpler than a haunted house. Send Close Go2s requests to conveniently coordinate your efforts online. Consider calling in a professional if you are looking to have lights or decor placed on your roof or up in trees.
  • Costumes – From store-bought to homemade, any costume is an opportunity to have some fun being someone else for a night. Be mindful of costume elements that might snag on branches or get caught in car doors. And, keep in mind your trick-or-treating route while you decide on a costume – lack of streetlights and/or busy streets call for reflective elements on costumes for kids, adults, and pets, too! Recommend the best costume shops to your Go2s connections so everyone can get in on the best prices and scariest costumes!

Candy, decor, and costumes sound like a no-brainer for Halloween, but there’s a lot to prepare for! The little decisions involved in the planning tend to sneak up on us every year. Stay organized, reach out to family, friends, and neighbors, and start making your plans. If you are in need of a recommendation for a professional lighting installation, or don’t know how to round up the neighbors for party planning, use Go2s to tackle all of these items for your best Halloween yet. Happy Halloween!