Verification Faqs

Verification FAQs

What is verification?

Verification is the process that Go2s uses to validate that people signing up are real persons and that they are who they say they are. Go2s uses a process, much like banks do, to verify all new users. Go2s requires new member to enter their cell phone number or email address and then Go2s sends a code to that email address or phone number. The new user must enter the code back into Go2s in order to complete the sign-up process successfully, thereby confirming the individual is correctly representing their contact information.

What difference does verification make?

When notified that someone has selected you as their Go2s connection, you are also provided with that individual’s contact information (cell phone or email address). The notification clearly states whether that person’s contact information has been verified.
As a safety guideline you should reciprocate only if Go2s shows that the contact’s information has been verified.
Verification increases trust and reduces the chance that people’s private information is misused.

What’s the process to verify my Go2s profile information?

Verification is done through your profile. Each field has a checkbox indicating if the field value is accurate and verified. To request verification, simply go to your profile and select the checkbox corresponding to your contact information.
Note that when you click on the checkbox a verification message is sent to you and the checkbox remains un-selected until you complete the process (indicating the field is pending verification).
Follow the instructions on the verification message to complete the verification process.  Upon completion of verification, the checkbox will be checked.